We have reached out to 300+ affected individuals in Beirut

During the first month after the Beirut explosion, we have reached out to 300+ affected individuals. 

In the first stage of the initiative, teams of volunteers started working on the ground clearing rubble from homes and businesses that were destroyed in the explosion. In addition, a team of psychologists is giving psychological first aid for the people affected by the disaster, a team of engineers is conducting visits to the houses and stores located in the area, and assessing their locations to provide help in the rehabilitation, and another team is conducting field visits to the stores and businesses located in the area, and filling a business assessment with them for Future potential grants or help.

Our impact:

149 cleaned places 

73 Businesses assessed 

53 Houses assessed

50 Psychological first aid visits

100+ Volunteers 

20 Volunteers form Egypt

We will continue our work focusing in the coming months on rebuilding as well as helping small businesses to restart their operations.