#TogetherForBeirut initiative مبادرة معا" لبيروت

On August 10th, on the week following the massive explosion that shattered Beirut, SHiFT Social Innovation Hub launched the #TogetherForBeirut initiative. With this initiative, we want to show our solidarity with Beirut and do our best to support those affected by the disaster. Daily, a team of SHiFT staff and volunteers travel with private busses from Tripoli to Beirut in order to help in the rebuilding process of the city.

Many young people from Tripoli area have joined to with strong motivation to assist those whose homes or livelihoods were destroyed in the tragedy. Putting on masks, safety hats, and gloves, and armed with brooms, buckets and shovels our teams are ready to clear and clean up streets, houses, workplaces and churches of debris and glass in Beirut’s badly damaged neighborhoods.

On the ground, the volunteers are joined by Shada Media Lab team. Shada is a media platform powered by SHiFT, and whose team members are now volunteering to collect stories and document the aftermath of the explosion.

 “The level of damage here is unbelievable, but together we can build Beirut again”
Elaa A. a volunteer with Together For Beirut from Tripoli