SHiFT has three main programs that especially target persons from post-conflict areas (Qobbeh, Jabal Mohsen, Bab Al-Tabbeneh). We strive to create opportunities for persons who due to different reasons are vulnerable, for example youth who due to economic marginalisation face limited opportunities, persons whose ability to work is affected by disability and women who face challenges to secure sustainable livelihoods due to gender-based constraints.

Business development program

Tatweer (تطوير) helps small, local businesses and start-ups to grow. It aims to revive businesses on ex-frontlines in Qobbe, Jabal Mohsen and Tabbaneh, focusing on social entrepreneurship and specifically targeting women, youth and persons with disabilities.
In the Tatweer program small business-owners can receive Business Development Training, support in business planning, coaching as well as in-kind grant to improve or kick-start their business. Briefly, the program includes the following activities: Mapping of local businesses; Outreach; Basic Business Support Training; Business plan support; Advanced business training; Coaching; Awarding in-kind grants and mentoring.
SHiFT is also a partner in the “Shaping Tripoli” social entrepreneurship program of NAWAT consortium. This program supports innovative ideas with a high social impact in the areas of textile industry, digitizing the city and access to markets for food innovations, technicians and home-based businesses. In parallel the program supports existing social enterprises to maximise their revenue, grow their social ventures and to reach out to more people in need.

Business development program

The Tamteen program seeks to support the self-development of individuals, to increase their chances to find employment and support their integration into the workplace through soft skills training, vocational training, apprenticeships and job placement. The program begins with a screening process to assess economic, social and personal skills of the applicants and to determine the kind of support they need. The vocational trainings that have recently been offered are Hospitality: Restaurant Operations Management, Administration: Executive Assistant, Early Childhood Education.
Tamteen also hosts a volunteering program called Shifters. Shifters is a program for social activists. It supports individuals to make changes in their communities by helping them develop their personal skills, including leadership skills, communication skills, ideation, design and management skills, self-development and conflict sensitivity.
Apply here to join the Shifters.

Business development program

The Reconciliation and Peacebuilding component is not an independent program, but a pathway that hosts currently 4 different initiatives all incubated by SHIFT.
The component is part of The Roadmap to Reconciliation in Tripoli (RRT) -initiative, which was launched in April 2017 with the purpose of creating an inclusive process for communal reconciliation in the city of Tripoli in Lebanon. RRT began as a research to profoundly understand public perceptions on reconciliation in Tripoli. Furthermore, the aim was to map the willingness of people to engage in a communal reconciliation process. The results of the research were published in April 2017, followed by several pilot projects that were started by various individuals and organisations operating under the RRT. The current initiatives include:
Women’s peace initiative

Taht el Sa’ef - a committee including members from both the Sunni and Alawite communities advocating for their rights to communal housing.

Al Harake Barake - a committee including members from both the Sunni and Alawite communities advocating for their right to employment and social inclusion.

SADA - Playback theatre that connects individuals from the Sunni, Alawite, Palestinian and Syrian communities by storytelling and theatre and gives a chance for young actors to work together, while their performances give a chance for the audience to see their stories come alive on stage. FB page

Aleb El Mashou’ - Enhancing social stability and improving the living conditions of the residents of Al Qubba residential complex

Koudwa - قدوة - An initiative led by Tripolitan women, supporting women's participation in society, peacebuilding, and reconciliation in Tripoli. FB page